In Old English ‘wic‘ or ‘wick‘ means ‘dwelling place,’ probably based on Germanic borrowing from Latin vīcus (“village, estate”). By CHRISTWICK we mean ‘dwelling place of Christ.’ Hence, we are focused in transforming this site into a hub of Christian Theology and Spirituality.

Details of the Etymological understanding of the word ‘wick’ are as follows: –
Etymology 1
From Middle English weke, wicke (“wick”); from Old English wēoce (“wick”); from Proto-Germanic wikǭ (“turn, succession”); from Proto-Indo-European weyk- (“to bend, wind”). Related to Proto-Germanic wīkaną (“to bend, yield”). Compare Swedish vek, English week, as well as weak, all of the same Proto-Indo-European origin.
Etymology 2
From earlier Middle English wik, wich (“village, hamlet, town”); from Old English wīc (“dwelling place, abode”); Germanic borrowing from Latin vīcus (“village, estate”). It came to mean “dairy farm” around the 13th or 14th century; for instance, Gatwick (“Goat-farm”). Cognates include Old High German wîch, wih (“village”), German Weichbild (“municipal area”), Dutch wijk (“quarter, district”), Old Frisian wik, Old Saxon wic (“village”), as well as Ancient Greek οἶκος (oîkos, “house”), whence English eco-.
Etymology 3
From Old English cwic (“alive”); similar to an archaic meaning of quick (“endowed with life; having a high degree of vigour, energy, or activity”), and quicken (“come to life”).


Rev. Fr. Jefferson Bennit started this venture while doing his third-year in Bachelors of Theology way back in 2010, for the propagation of Christian Faith through online media and with the sole vision and charism of building-up a scientific and systematic Christian Resource Website which is accessible to all who is spiritually thirsty for the true understanding of the WORD OF GOD.

Starting of CHRISTWICK

CHRISTWICK is a non-profitable Christian Resource Website for deepening Christian Faith. Inspiration to begin this website came initially from Rev. Fr. Jefferson Bennit’s experience of searching good Christian Articles and Resource Materials for Faith Formation. As usual, after hours of browsing he get lost jumping from one site to another with fewer Christian articles in hand which have an in-depth presentation of the subject matter. From then on it was at the back of his mind to start a Christian website which is more comprehensive and have some logical depth. Besides this, he was at regular intervals prompted by his friends to venture into digital media for the propagation of Christian Faith. Thus, after much thought and prayer we came up with this website named https://christwick.com/

What kind of a Website is CHRISTWICK?

CHRISTWICK is a Christian Resource website presenting topics mainly on Bible, Christian Theology, Faith and Spirituality, Code of Canon, Liturgy, Inspirational Stories, Reflections, as well as other relevant Christian topics. In one single website we present to the readers various disciplines of Christian Theology, Biblical exegesis, Christian Faith and Spirituality, etc., in a concise form which is simple and easy to understand. Thus, we help our readers to avoid much of jumping from one website to another in search of good Christian articles.

Intention of making CHRISTWICK

Intention of us here is to help and support in all possible ways to deepen the FAITH of all Christians (even persons of other faith as well as of persons with no faith in God) through better and clearer understanding of Christian Theology, Bible, Christian Doctrines, Traditions, Code of Canon and also to bring at your disposition various Christian Spiritual Pathways, and also the treasures of Christianity down the centuries.

Our Vision

Our vision in creating CHRISTWICK is to develop it into a full fledged Christian Resource Website dealing with various disciplines of Theology, Bible, Christian Faith and Spirituality which helps and encourages believers to have an enriched Christian Life.

Our Need

It is a tedious task to run a website by writing all the articles when it is made to function as an Online Christian Resource Website. Therefore, we are looking forward to have more quality Christian writers/authors, who can share their knowledge and write articles on various fields of Theology, Biblical exegesis, Christian Faith and Spirituality, Christian Traditions, Reflections, etc., according to one’s competence.

If you are willing to share in our vision and mission, then write to us by filling the form below: –

Best wishes for your pathways in encountering Christ! And feel free to leave a comment if you have one.
May the Peace and Love of Christ be with you all!